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The Evil DoctorHouseGuest Name:
Dr. Will Kirby

Big Brother 2 & Big Brother: All-Stars

Crucial alliances:
  • Mike Boogie and Shannon Dragoo (Chilltown)
  • Legion of Doom

Where is s/he now?
  • Dr. Will has appeared on Dr. 90210 and is rumored to be appearing with Mike Boogie on The Amazing Race 12.
  • Dr.Will is a successful Dermatologist in California, where he follows his regular routine: Work, Workout, occasionally adding in a "business venture" with fellow Chill Town founder Mike Boogie.

What was his/her strategy to stay in the Big Brother House?
  • Playing reverse psychology and being an obvious villain.
  • Lie, Showmance, Destroy alliances
  • he chose to not ever win hoh and to be mean to the other house guest as a way of not getting nominated and it worked.

  • Shannon Dragoo
  • Janelle Pierzina

Habit(s) that other housemates complained about:
  • His constant complaining about Big Brother.
  • his evil laugh, his constant weight lifting and exercising, and his undeniably annoying attempts to convince other houseguests to evict him.
  • Just being the evil Dr Will.

What we'll never forget:
  • Will getting his Trampoline
  • His Final Speech in the Final 2
  • Winning despite arrogance
  • His 'I Hate You All' Speech in Big Brother All-Stars
  • getting evicted in the Final 4
  • His speech the night Jase got evicted. Dr.Will's turn came to tell fellow houseguests not to evict him and instead he did the opposite. He told them :" I do not want to be here. I'd like to go home now. Please vote me out. I hate you all. I'm not going to pretend like I like you, because I don't. I hate you all (standing up and pointing at each in turn) I hate You, and You, and You, and You, and You... I hate all of you so please. Vote for me!" The whole time he is avoiding looking at Mike because if you look carefully you can see Mike laughing at points and smiling. Then when he wasn't evicted he and Mike ran up to Mike's HOH room and silently celebrated by jumping up and down on the bed.
  • they way him and Janelle were together
  • his & boogie's phonecalls
  • meeting neil patrick harris!!!!!!!!!

What we want to forget:
  • Nothing.
  • Janelle and Erika putting their brain cell together to discover Chill Town's true purpose: to Deceive
  • nothing

Best moment:
  • Winning Big Brother 2 and helping Mike Boogie win Big Brother 7.
  • Dr.Will talking to the backyard camera. "America it's you I really love. I love you sooo much America. Marry me! Please. Why won't you talk to me? Please say something! I love you!" Then he walks away looking hurt. He continues to talk to the camera throughout the episode.
  • when he told the houseguest that he didn't just have one houseguest that he didn't like because he hated them all.

Worst moment:
  • Causing Chicken George's untimely eviction.
  • Getting Evicted by Janelle.
  • When Janelle kicked him out

What finally did her/him in?
  • Lack of control on Janelle and Erika's chatter.
  • Letting Janelle and Erika together for an extended period without supervision.
  • that Janelle knew that he was playing her the same way that she was playing him that is what made it so interesting to see which one of the two would win.


Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8
Will Kirby - Big Brother 8

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