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Nick - Big Brother 8

How he describes himself:
Ex- Pro Football Player
Great Matcher

How he describes his strategy:
Plans to use his body as bait
If he can't make it to the end..put ppl there that deserve the money.

Nick's biggest enemy in the House:
Dick.....Boy has Dick brought out the fight in Nick. I hope to actually see Nick win HOH and back door DIck's Big Mouth.
I hate to flip flop .....but atleast Nick seems able to hold REAL thoughts....Dick is as self consumed as Jen
Jen. She lied about him trying to kiss her and he caught her thanks to Joe snitching.

Yeah really Jen is so far gone. She accually thought he tried to kiss her.
-could be the 'mrs. robinson' alliance if they catch on to what he is planning to do

Which former HouseGuest does he remind you of?
Scott (BB5)
Jason (BB3)
Will (BB2 & 7)
April (BB6) (April is nothing like him)
Drew(BB5) (Drew wasn't that in love with himself)
Howie (BB6) - the way Nick flirts so much

Love him? Why?
1.Talks about good stuff
2. Great Body
3. He is staying low-key which is key.
4. SEXY!
5. He's from Minnesota112.!
6. How could you not just look at him.
7. seems to be friendly with everyone.
8. sweet and i like how he carries himself.
9.he's HOT
10. He is extremely attractive, but does not seem to be full of himself..he sat out on the first HOH!
11. willing to paint his nails!

12. He is not homophobic.
13. That Minnesota accent is adorable.
14. He pretty much never wears a shirt.
15. Flirts with everyone in the house.
16. Plays football
17. Has a top 5 list of both guys and girls!
18. Not afraid to paint his fingernails bright pink on national TV.
19. Scrapbooked a letter to Dani

Hate him? Why?
1. He keeps throwing the "I could be Bi" thing around
2. He is full of himsellf
3. Neglected to flirt with Jameka
4. Ugly tattoo.
5. Could be Narcissistic

Biggest Advantages:
1. All the girls and the gay guys are attracted to him.
2. The women will want him around- I sure would!
3. He's playing nice guy.
4. Prepared physically by football
5. He's from Minnesota!

Biggest Disadvantages:
1. Obvious power-player. The house guests may want to quickly get rid of him.
2. He may be seen as a big flirt, and therefore we liked
3. Seen as a threat right from the beginning

Strongest Alliances
1. Danielle


Biggest Rivals
1. Dick
2. Kail
3. Mike

Help out a HouseGuest!

Give him your best advice: What does Nick need to do to win?
1. Staying "under the radar" can be a good strategy , but you have to build some key relationships. A romance wouldn't hurt!!
3. Flirt With Dustin
4. Form an alliance with the "enemies", they might be able to help you.
6. Try to bring Dick and Daniele closer. Other HGs - such as Kail - will appreciate the warm gesture, whether or not they know if it's for the right reasons or not.

7. Don't Try to flirt with every girl or they'll your a player
8. Don't form an alliance with anyone... not yet anyway. Just "Don't be annoying" because that is what makes people get targetted for eviction, along with trying to influence people's thinking.

Record details of Nick's Showmances (existing or ones you want to see!):
1. He's "in like" with Daniele. =]
2. very very cute flirting style with daniele! she seems to be digging him. even tho she has a bf, when he mentions that she just says 'whatever'.
3. srsly needs to get with Dustin
4. needs to be careful about getting TOO close with daniele...still needs to play the game
5. He and Mike would make a nice, romantic couple.
6. Needs brain food .... or a brain - to feed.

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