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Where are they now?

Fill in the winners' career or personal details since they won Big Brother... Got a lot to say and there's not enough room in the box provided? Start a new subpage for the winner and link to it here.

Eddie | Winner Big Brother 1

Eddie McGee
Season 1 (2000)
Will Kirby | Winner Big Brother 2

Dr. Will Kirby
Season 2 (2001)
Lisa | Winner Big Brother 3

Lisa Donahue
Season 3 (2002)

What is Eddie up to?

Eddie has appeared on Episodes of "Law and Order" and "C.S.I." and more recently appeared in a Music Video for the band "Fozzy".

Where's Will?

Will is currently being filmed for Episodes of "Dr. 90210" for the E! Network.

Lisa since Season 3?
Jun | Winner Big Brother 4

Jun Song
Season 4 (2003)

Drew | Winner Big Brother 5

Drew Daniel
Season 5 (2004)
Maggie Ausburn | Big Brother 6 winner

Maggie Ausburn
Season 6 (2005)

Jun since 2003:
Jun is still working in finance but no longer on the investments side. She's dating but single and enjoying life!!

Drew's news:
Drew Daniel has more recently come out of the closet as a member of the homosexual community, and has appeared at many Pro-Gay conventions. He currently works at numerous restaurants and is continuing trying to get acting roles on television.

What's Maggie up to?
who cares?
Mike Malin | Big Brother 7 winner
Mike "Boogie" Malin
Season 7 (2006)
Big Brother Winners - Big Brother 8
Season 8 (2007)

Mike's been busy opening new restuarants such as "Ketchup" and others while away. He appeared in a VH1 segment about Reality TV stars along with fellow Chilltown member and investor, Will Kirby.